At GIVE, we exist to bring inspiration and innovation to people who have the passion to change the world for the better.
We are excited to have you as part of TeamGIVE and can't wait to see the great contributions you will make to GIVEasia :)!
We are looking for volunteers to spearhead our initiatives in areas of Marketing, Technology, Operations, Community and Events. (When we find people who fit our team, we find ways for them to bring their unique skills to grow GIVE)

People who thrive at GIVE are ones who like to move fast, learn, grow, make a difference and have fun in the process. They generally have a good understanding of what they are good at and put their skills to use to grow GIVE.

By the way, the picture below is that of Zi (here on one of her adventures). She is part of Team GIVE. She loves adventures and loves to help people. That's why she enjoys coding to making GIVE better. Better website means more changemakers doing more good!

Welcome to your first steps of joining Team GIVE!

We are always looking to find like-minded people who are excited by our vision and want to help GIVE inspire more changemakers. We hope that's you!

We want to get to know you a little better.

What's your name? *

What's the best number to reach you on the phone? *

We would love to hear your thoughts on the questions below.

Hope you enjoy answering these questions as much as we enjoyed coming up with them :)

Describe your typical day.

What do you rock at?

This could be things like programming, designing, communication, events, logistics, planning, writing, executing, accounting, etc. Tell us about what you're passionate about and good at.
Please tell us in one or two sentences about something impressive that you have built or achieved.

Describe how you are creative and how has that helped you in your personal or professional life.

What process do you use to establish priorities?

What are you reading or learning about currently?

Describe a time when you led a team. Why were you selected for that role and how did it go?

How do you go about establishing rapport with people? What have you done to gain their confidence? Give an example.

Tell us about something you have invented.

What motivates you in your current or most recent pursuits?

What have you done or are currently doing to further your own self-development? Either work or personal.

Would you describe yourself as an introvert or extrovert? How so?

Name two of your non-negotiables.i.e. What will you cling to even at GIVE?

Tell us about your most recent written work.
Add a link if it's online!

Do you feel lucky to be where you are in your life and career? Why?

What can you do for

We are always looking for people who are good at software development, digital marketing, email marketing, design, copywriting, content marketing, community building, PR, video making, partnerships, analytics, communication and strategy.
What about giving attracts you?

What's the best thing you've been given in your life?

What's the best thing you've given in your life?

What do you love about GIVE?

Thanks for taking the time to share about yourself. We will get in touch with you in a couple of days to take next steps.
Have any questions? Feel free to email us at*
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